Here at Whetstone we specialise in producing healthy free range rare breed poultry, birds that will not only keep you supplied with eggs but will also provide you with interesting and amusing pets. All our birds are from free range stock reared indoors for up to 8 week and then given free range as the weather permits.  They are of course  provided with top class houses which will provide full protection against the elements.

Our breeding stock has been selected from the Countries top breeders over many years, but here at Whetstone we have selected the breeds that suit the hobbyist.   You can look forward to experiencing the joy of keeping chickens and other fowl safe in the knowledge that they will not only be friendly and placid but also productive.  

Although Barnevelders are our favourites, we also keep Ancona, Appenzeller, Barred Plymouth Rock, Cream Legbar, Welsummer and Wheaton Maran .

Click any image below to view sample of the Birds that we breed.  Greater detail of each specific breed can be found by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page.

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