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Copper Black Maran – For those who adore hens that lay colourful eggs, this bird, like the legbar is an absolute must, they lay the darkest rich chocolate brown of any bird and the Copper blacks are the best. The birds were developed in the French town of Maran and are particularly easy going, calm and quiet, they bear confinement well and are not too destructive in the garden. A great bird for the beginner

Personality – Really laid back, friendly and easy going

Hardy – Very hardy, will have no trouble with our winters

Compatibility – Very friendly, will get on well with other birds, people and pets alike.

Broody – will go broody and will make excellent mothers

Eggs – Not the best egg layer in the world but will lay 3 0r 4 a week and they are worth waiting for, large really dark chocolate brown.

Weight – Cockerel about 7-8lb (3.5Kg) Hen 5.5-6lb (2.5Kg)



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