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Silver Laced Barnevelder - The Silver laced is a relatively new addition to the Barnevelder family, the colour has been reintroduced after many years of absence mainly by the Dutch fanciers and a handful of enthusiasts in this Country. The silver on the feathers replaces the brown of the double laced variety to make a strikingly attractive bird. The bird bears all the natural traits of the Barnevelder, it is really bright, friendly, outgoing, it is inquisitive and bears confinement well although like all chickens it is best suited to free ranging ( free ranging benefits everyone and cuts down on feed bills) The Barnevelder is a good layer of medium sized brown eggs, will go broody and will make an excellent mother

Personality – Kind, inquisitive and friendly, likely to follow you everywhere, they make excellent pets being good with children and animals. They have excellent maternal qualities.

Hardy - Very hardy withstanding extreme cold.

Compatibility – Good with people, other animals and other chickens

Broody – Yes and they make wonderful mothers

Eggs – Lovely deep brown large eggs – about 200 year

Weight – Rooster 7.5lb (3.4Kg). Hen 5.5lb (2.5Kg)





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